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I started playing the game and in five minutes I was already curious to see the full story.

The ending was so emotional and exciting. I felt proud of all the characters for the decisions they took and I couldn't help but wish for them to succeed.

The art is truly beautiful and the story is wonderful 🤗❤️ 

Amazing work!


I really enjoyed this visual novel! The story was really compelling, I liked the main character, and I ended up liking the characters she met along her journey. The sound design was chilling, in a good way, and I loved the visual effects like the snow and colour-changing effects of the backgrounds and sprites. Wonderful work! <3


Yay, thank you so much! And thanks for teaching me how to do the snow effect in the first place - saved me a lot of time. 

Well I went through all three parts of the story, so I'll put my thoughts here- I think the story's pretty interesting so far, the characters are interesting and relatable. Rika's a good lead with how her internal dilemnas and issues keep mirroring the things around her, and the over-arching mystery is unique but still, uh, mysterious. Guess I'm waiting for more in the future.

As to the mechanical aspects, I think overall the writing's very good and flows well, the dialogue is snappy. Only thing is how San uses full stops/periods for all her sentences- I understand the internal logic of making her blunt and as if all her words are statements, but I think it kinda reads awkwardly and can make it a bit muddled. Also, I think it'd help if you added a visual effect filter over the backgrounds you use to help unify the feel of the VN a bit more, they feel a bit mismatched and it'd let you obscure some of the more visible details in an artsy way. YMMV, of course

apart from that it was really good! I'm looking forward to the next installment!


Hey, glad you liked it! Thanks for playing the whole series so far. I'm happy the characters come across relatable - if I had to pick one thing I want to get right, it would be that.

That's good feedback! I see what you mean about the backgrounds and the punctuation - I should be able to do something about them when I get around to updating the game eventually. Thanks again!